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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Astrological tools for Self help

I try to convince myself that we are not governed by the stars and the moons and other celestial bodies. However, I find myself reading my horoscope daily, LOL! As a engineer I have to believe in the physical science surrounding our galaxy and how mathematically and rhythmically, the celestial bodies move with respect to each other. It is therefore, acceptable in my mind that there may be some truth to the fact that the moon and stars have some effect, gravitational or otherwise on our lives. I mean, water currents do get affected by a full moon for example. And water, supposedly, was used to build the pyramids. I have to admit that mathematically our universe is very captivating. I know that astrology and other esoteric sciences are looked at differently by different people, but I do believe that, if used correctly, can provide some insight into our past, present and future. That being said, here is a place to get access to several such tools in one place: Click Here! for a cool tool Please use your judgment when using these tools, and don't blame me if something does not meet your expectations. As we have learned from "The Secret" your thoughts drive reality. If you think that the tools in the link above are not going to help you, then they may not mean much. But if you think positively about the tools, then they can become part of your spiritual armor. Good luck! and Enjoy. Click Here! for a Numerology Toolset

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Discussion Forum for The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

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Personal Summary of The Secret

Chapter 1:  The Secret Revealed

This chapter is the intro to the book.  It introduces the
reader to several "experts" in the use of the Law of Attraction.
 Apparently everyone knew about his except for us.
 The premise of this chapter (and of the whole book) is that
your thoughts attract other similar thougths and circumstances,
therefore, your thoughts create your reality.  That is, if you
think you have bad luck you will have bad luch and more of it.
 The good thing is that the opposite is also true.
 Your thoughts send out a frequency to the universe and the
universe responds to that frequency by bringin to you more of the same.
 "Your thoughts become things".

Chapter 2:  The Secret Made Simple

The Law of Attraction is always there - just like the laws of gravity
and other physical laws of the universe.  Emotions are like
your gauge that tells you how you are feeling, and thinking.
 That is, even if you think that you are going to win the
lottery, if your gut tells you that the odds are against you, you will
not win.  That is, you have to believe, beyond any doubt that
you will win.  If you don't "feel" the confidence you are not
there with your thoughts.   You have to feel good to know that
you are in the right frequency required.  If you are feeling
bad, immediately make yourself feel good by listening to your favorite
music, feeling thankful for something you already have, or emmitting
the strongest of feelings - love.

Chapter 3:  How to Use the Secret

The Law of Attraction grants every wish you ask. There are 3 simple steps in the Creative Process: ASK, BELIEVE, AND RECEIVE. Believing is an important part becasue if you don't truly believe that you can get what you ask for, you won't emit the proper "frequency" to the universe. It takes no time and no effort for the universe to respond to what you ask for. Therefore, if you want money, it is just as easy for the Universe to give you 1 Million dollars as it is to give you 1 dollar. However, it is wise to test out the law by asking for something small at first and then go to the bigger items. This will build your confidence in your power as well.

Chapter 4:  Powerful Processes

Expectation is a powerful force. Therefore, expect what you want, not what you don't want. Gratitude is also a powerful force. By being grateful, you send out a more powerful signal to the universe. Visualization also serves this purpose. The universe will then return the reality as you saw it in your mind. This has been preached forever by past leaders. Make the Law of Attraction a habit, not just a onece-in-a-while thing. At the end of each day or at the beginning, or both, review what you did not like and immediately focus on how to make things better. This will change your frame of thinking and attract to you what you want.

Chapter 5:  The Secret to Money

The same principles apply to Money. Don't focus on lack of money or the many bills you get daily. Focus instead on wealth, and plenty of it. You have to believe you already have it and feel good about having it. You must tell yourself "I can afford that" instead of the popular "I can't afford that!". Also, give money in order to get money. By doing this you are telling the universe that you have plenty of money in your pocket. Therefore, you will attract more money. Also, visualize checks arriving in your mailbox, as opposed to bills. Be positive and proactive.

Chapter 6:  The Secret to Relationships

To attract relationships, make sure that your thoughts are positive on this subject. Also, make sure to align all other non-verbal communications. That is, your thoughts, words, actions, and surroundings. An example given in the book (of many) is to not park your car in the middle of your driveway. This tells potential partners that you don't have room for their car. Instead, part it to one side, thus allowing for the second vehicle :)
Treat yourself with Love and respect to attract the same. Love yourself first and the Law of Attraction will send you more love. Also, focus on your partner's strengths not their weaknesses. Appreciate the qualities of others. Be positive and believe in your power.

Chapter 7:  The Secret to Health

Patients get cured from believing that a pill will cure them. The placebo effect. That is, it's not the medicine itself, but the thought that the medicine is effective is what counts. To have good health, focus on good health. Laughter attracts joy, releases negativity and leads to miraculous cures. I guess laughter is the best medicine. Disease is a mental state that is fed by fear, and the constant reminder and talking about it. To prevent it or cure it, just turn your thoughts to positive outcomes and health and eternal youth. Do not listen to society'snegative messages about desease and aging. Avoid talking about disease or joining others when they discuss diseases.

Chapter 8:  The Secret to the World

If you resist something, you will actually attract it. To change this, go within yourself and emit a new signal with thoughts and feelings. Focus on trust, love, abundance, peace. Don't focus on the negativity of our present world. Life is meant to be abundant, and THERE IS ENOUGH FOR EVERYONE. Your thoughts and feelings will allow you to tap onto this unlimited supply. Praise and bless everything and everyone. This will allow you to align with the highest frequency available - LOVE.

Chapter 9:  The Secret to You

Everything is Energy - including you. Recall from Science class that "energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only be transformed". You are a magnet and can attract everything you want. The Universe emerges from thought. We are the creators of our destiny and of the Universe. You have an unlimited supply of ideas. We are all connected and we are all One. Always remember that what you want is only a thought away. Set yourself to the same frequency as what you want by focusing on it as if it were an absolute fact.

Chapter 10:  The Secret to Life

You are the teacher who writes on your blackboard. All you need to do is feel good now. Use your newly discovered power, and you will attract even more power. THE END.

My Personal Note:
The time is NOW to act. We are living in a brave new world that is totally different than that of our ancestors. Imagine the possibilities if they had known this secret. What you do is up to you now.

Please visit often. I will start posting more details found in the book - e.g. examples, stories, testimonials, etc. Also, please come back to get a link to my upcoming blog(s) on What the Bleep DVD series, Quantum Physics, etc. In these blogs I hope to expand on the theories yet to be understood by the average Joe. If you would like to add a testimonial or story or comment, please e-mail me at